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Centroid CNC Manuals and Documentation

Centroid Acorn/AcornSix CNC Control board documentation

- Start Here Acorn DIY Installation Videos and documentation

- All Acorn/AcornSix Documentation

Centroid Hickory EtherCat CNC Control board Installation manual

- Hickory DIY Installation Manual

Centroid Oak CNC Control board Installation manual

- Oak DIY Installation Manual

Centroid Allin1DC CNC Control board Installation manual

- Allin1DC DIY Installation Manual

Centroid Individual Subject Technical Bulletins

CNC Tech Bulletins

Configuring Windows for CNC control use

- Windows 10/11 setup for CNC duty video

- Windows 8 setup for CNC duty instructions

- Windows 7/10 setup for CNC duty instructions

Miscellaneous CNC Documents

- Solid Model files for OAK, ALLIN1DC, PLCADD1616, DC1, ADD4AD4DA, Encoder Expansion Board. zip file

- CNC console dimensions and mounting examples

- CNC Standard Electrical Cabinet M400/M39/T400/T39

- CNC Standard Electrical Cabinet M15 upgrade

- Swing Arm Tool Changer user manual

- Umbrella Tool Changer user manual

- System Test

- TTL2DIFF, single ended to differential signal converter

- 8RELBRD, 8 Relay Output add on board

- Hardinge HNC/CHNC retrofit manual

- Centroid RT150 Rotary Table manual

- Centroid RT200 Rotary Table manual

- Intercon DXF Import

 Legacy Manuals

Legacy DX-1 manual

- DX-1 single axis controller manual