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CENTROID CNC Operator Training, Two Options: 1.) On-Site  or   2.) In-House at Centroid's Facilities
1.) On-Site takes place in your shop
2.) In-House takes place at Centroid's facilities in Pennsylvania.
Beginner or Advanced CNC Operator Training available.

1.) On-Site CENTROID CNC Operator Training Mill or Lathe

On-Site CNC operator training takes place in your shop, on your machine, and is geared towards your specific machining needs.
Get your shop up to speed and making parts fast, learn the correct way to program, set tools and operate the control system from the start.
Cost: $1000 per day ($125 /hr x 8 hours) plus travel expenses.

Call Centroid's CNC Training Coordinator: Dana Dunlap at (814) 353-9256 or email Dana at for more infomation and a quote.

  • Machine inspection and confirmation of proper setup and running condition, homing, power up/off procedure
  • Introduction to Centroid User interface including CNC software navigation and operator control panel function
  • How to setup tools using the CNC control tool library
  • Intercon Conversational Programming, Drilling cycles, Pocketing, Lines, Arcs, Frames, Repeat, Rotate, Facing, Connect radius, Tool Change
  • How to set Part Zero's and use WCS
  • Machining test parts, stop and restart the job at any point, feed rate override, spindle speed override, single block, optional stops.
  • Modify existing programs with Intercon or G code Editor, Offline Intercon Programming
  • Importing and running G code from a CAD/CAM system, backploting and editing.
  • Utility Menu, Importing and Exporting files, saving Backups
  • More advanced part programming as time permits
Expert On Site CENTROD CNC training gets you making chips fast!
Advanced On-Site CNC Operator Training Subjects
  • Part Probing
  • Automatic Tool Height Measurement
  • 4th axis programming and operation
  • 2D and 3D Digitizing
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Threadmilling
  • ATC Automatic Tool Changer operation
(For Beginners, Advanced subjects typically require a 2nd day of training after they have mastered the basics outlined above)  
2.) In-House CENTROID CNC Operator Training for Milling Machines.
In-House = at Centroid's Facilities in Pennsylvania
(Note: In House Training is for Mill only , Lathe training will be added soon)
In-House CNC operator training takes place at Centroid's Facilities in Curwensville, PA

Limited to 3 students maximum class size, this hands-on training takes place at Centroid's facility in Curwensville, PA.
The CNC Operator Training takes place on both a Bed Mill and a Machining Center and can be tailored to your specific requirements or general operator certification.
Both Beginner and Advanced CNC Mill Operator Training are available.
Group or Private Lessons are available.
Cost is $400 per day for 1st student, $200 per day for each additional student up to maximum of 3
Classes start at 8am and run till 4pm. Lunch will be provided.

Call Centroid's CNC Training Coordinator: Dana Dunlap at (814) 353-9256 or email Dana at for more infomation and to sign up.
Lodging is a short distance away.  

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