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CENTROID CNC PC minimum hardware and benchmark requirements for proper CNC control operation.

We highly suggest using an Intel NUC model #NUC7i3BNK and a Touch Screen LCD display
You can purchase an Intel NUC from Centroid with all the CNC software preloaded with base mill and lathe cnc configurations ready to run here.....

But if you want to build or use your own CNCPC here are the Centroid Primary CNCPC requirements:

1.) The PC CPU must have a SINGLE CORE minimum benchmark of 1500 for Milling Machines and Router, 1000 for Lathes  You can look up a CPU’s benchmark # using this web site.  

Notice that this is the “Single Thread” benchmarks chart.
Using a CPU with a single thread  benchmark rating higher than 1500 is required for Mills and Routers, 1000 and higher for Lathes.

2.) While not is highly recommended to use a SSD (solid state drive)  We only recommend Intel or Samsung SSD’s

3.) minimum 4 Gig’s of Ram

4.) Windows 10 that is configured for CNC control use, See this video.. or PDF...

5.) Ethernet port

6.) A Shielded Ethernet cable, CAT5E or better


Secondary considerations, Use high quality components such as:

a.) An Intel NUC makes a great CNC PC. If you are supplying your own CNC PC we recommend that it meets the Centroid minimum performance requirements.

b.) A SSD is more reliable than a mechanical hard drive. An SSD has no moving parts, which allows it to withstand years of machine tool vibration which is important if the CNCPC is directly attached to the machine tool. An SSD is also much faster than a regular mechanical hard drive.

c.) A Touch Screen LCD display. 16:9 aspect with 1920x1080 resolution works best for use with the Centroid on screen Virtual Operator Control Panel. 4:3 monitors will NOT work with the on screen operator controls.

d.) Internet connection for remote support thru TeamViewer. Internet connection can be achieve via Wifi or Ethernet cable (requires 2nd Ethernet port))

e.) If not using a NUC, use a high quality mother board like a Gigabyte or Asus motherboard with solid capacitors for reliability.

f.) If not using a NUC, Use a high quality Antec or Coolmaster PC Power supply for reliability,  minimum 450 watt rating.

g.) A Clean Windows 10 installation. (Clean = starting with a formatted hard drive) with NO bloatware, no virus protection, firewalls off etc.  just Windows and Centroid cnc11 or 12 software. Follow this Windows 10 configuration for CNC PC use instructional video. or PDF...

If you are building your own computer the parts listed below are a great affordable CNC PC build:
here is a customer's video showing step by step how to build this PC




Reliable Power Supply

Extra Ethernet connection for internet connection

Solid State Drive


2-28-19 update..Alternative parts to above link to Forum thread with a High Performance for cheap CNCPC build.




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