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CENTROID CNC Control Replacement Parts

Keep your CENTROID running in top condition for years to come! Replacement parts and repair for older systems not listed on the web site is available

The industry's most affordable replacement parts are available for every servo based Centroid CNC control ever made. Centroid designs and manufactures its own CNC CPU's, axis motor amplifiers, and machine tool PLC's, ensuring parts are always in stock if you should need them. With a Centroid CNC you'll be able to keep your machine running for many years to come. A Centroid CNC control has been designed for up-time! Centroid has combined uncommon reliability with affordable CNC replacement parts, simple control maintenance, and upgrades that will keep your CNC machine making chips!

To minimize machine downtime, swapout components are on the shelf ready for fast delivery, here is how it works.
Call Tech Support 814 353 9256 (press 4). Get an RMA #.
We send you a replacement component right away, you send back the faulty component- OR- You send us faulty component we repair and send back to you the same repaired component.
Core charges and core policies apply to swapout components that are drop shipped.
Typical core charges range in the $250-$500 depending on component.
You have two weeks to return the Core to receive the core charge credit, 30 days return for International customers.
There are no core charges if you request that we repair and return the original part.

- If you send us a component and we evaluate it and you decide not to repair it or swap it out there is a minimum evaluation charge of $250.
- If the time to repair the component is lower than the fixed repair cost, the repair cost will be the lower of the two with a minimum repair charge of $450
- Sometimes swap out components are not available, in that case there are two choices,
   1.) Repair existing component 2.) Buy a new replacement component

Email or call tech support to order repair or replacement parts. , 814-353-9256 press 4
You will receive an RMA # to use to ship any items to support. Please call or email for the RMA number before shipping components.

Examples of replacement CNC control components for sale, please call tech support for pricing and delivery quote and to be sure to get exactly what you need

Servo motors with encoders installed and cannon ms connector

  • 29 in-lb DC (Part #10781)
  • 40 in-lb DC (Part #10113)
  • 750 KW AC brushless (Part #10690)
  • 1KW AC brushless (Part #10555)
  • 2.0KW AC brushless (Part #10557)
  • 3KW AC brushless (Part #10804)
  • 4KW AC brushless (Part #10806)
  • All replacement Centroid Motor part #'s and prices

Servo motor with encoders installed and direct wired ready

Servo motor cable with direct wire connector

Servo motor cable with Cannon connector

Replacement servo motor cable. Includes both the power and encoder cables. Direct replacement for factory supplied cables on servo motors with cannon connectors.

  • (Part # 10105) (Up to 20 feet)

Servo motor replacement encoder kit

Encoder replacement kits are designed to replace a failed servo motor encoder. Encoders are reliable if they are keep clean and dry and have never been hit however if you need a replacement we stock all the common sizes of encoders used on all the DC and AC servo motors that we have ever sold.

  • 2000 Line Encoder, with 3/8" shaft size. For use with DC Servo Motors. (Part #2848)
  • 2000 Line Encoder, with 1/4" shaft size. For use with DC Servo Motors. (Part #4127)
  • 2000 Line Encoder, with 1/2" shaft size. For use with DC Servo Motors. (Part #4655)
  • 2000 Line Encoder, with 6mm" shaft size. For use with DC Servo Motors. (Part #3403)
  • 10000 Line Encoder, with 6mm" shaft size. (Part #6289)
  • 2048 Line Encoder, with 8mm" shaft size. For use with AC Servo Motors. (Part #6019)
  • 4096 Line Encoder, with 8mm" shaft size. For use with AC Servo Motors. (Part #4814)

DC servo motor amplifiers and Third part drive controllers

  • SERVO1 3 axis servo drive used in M/T-10,39,20,40,50,60,400 controls.12 amp per axis (Part #10157)
  • SERVO1 3 axis servo drive used in M/T-10,39,20,40,50,60,400 controls.15 amp per axis (Part #10158)
  • QUADDRV1 4 axis drive 12amps, M-10,39,20,40,50,60,400 controls. (Part #10011, #1750)
  • QUADDRV1 4 axis drive 15amps, M-10,39,20,40,50,60,400 controls. (Part #10012, #11985)
  • DC3I0 used in M/T-39S, M/T400S 12 amp per axis (Part #10799)
  • DC3I0 used in M/T-39S, M/T400S 15 amp per axis (Part #10799)
  • SERVO3I0 used in M/T-39S, M/T400S 12 amp per axis (Part #10463)
  • SERVO3I0 used in M/T-39S, M/T400S 15 amp per axis (Part #10483)
  • DC Singledrive 9.5 - 12 amp per axis (Part #10719)
  • DC Singledrive 15 amp per axis (Part #10719)
  • OPTIC1 third party drive interface (Part #10033)
  • ALLIN1DC (CNC11 based) 15 amp,plc,spindle control (Part #11144)
  • GPIO4D Third party drive interface (CNC11 based) (Part #11018)
  • DC1 15amp (CNC11 based) (Part #11112)
  • OPTIC4 additional 4 axis of third party drive interface. (CNC11 based) (Part #11013)

Fast direct replacement installation.

AC servo motor amplifiers

  • AC/DC 30 amp
  • AC/DC 60 amp
  • SD1, SD3

Operators control pendant

Replacement operators control pendant for use with M-39 and T-39 controls.This new robust control pendant is made from steel and aluminum for a tough environment. The pendant can be hand held or can be mounted in place. The new pendant has two powerful magnets to keep where you put it. Direct replacement for M-39 and T-39 systems. Can also be used as an upgrade for older M-10 and M-40 systems with on site service by your local Centroid technician.

(Part # 10703)

Replacement CNC CPU's (card only, no software)

The CENTROID CNC CPU is the most reliable CNC CPU on the market. The robust design has a very low failure rate. However, should you need a replacement, they are very affordable. You must send in the original CPU7 card to transfer the original unlocks to a new card.

  • All CPU7 and CPU9 (Part # 10274)
  • All CPU10 PCI slot (Part# 10790)
  • MPU11 #11012

CNC PLC's (Programmable Logic Controller)

CENTROID manufactures its own PLC's geared specifically to control common CNC machine tool functions. Unlike other systems that use a third party general use PLC, the CENTROID PLC is designed for use on a CNC machine and includes many time savings and convenient features. They are a very robust design and the failure rate is very low, however if you should need a replacement we have them in stock.

  • PLC 3/3 three inputs, three outputs (Part #10116)
  • PLC 15/15 fifteen inputs, fifteen outputs (Part #10044)
  • RTK2 15/15 with fuse protection and analog spindle speed control (Part #10034)
  • RTK3 with fuse protection and analog spindle speed control (Part #10755)
  • PLCI/O2 35in/39out with analog spindle speed control (Part #10503)
  • Standardcables for the RTK3 (Part #10754)
  • PLCADD1616 additional plc io (Part #11013) (CNC11 based)
  • ADD4AD4DA analog to digital additional (Part #11141) (CNC11 based)

m15 upgrade kit

CENTROID M-15 CNC control trade-in to M39S upgrade kit

M39S CNC control configured for direct replacement for all M-15 CNC controls. 
Includes a Windows 8 Tablet PC, large hard drive, large LCD display,new electronics cabinet, new jog pendant, keyboard and mouse. click here for more info..

Upgrade kit utilizes CENTROID’s new Allin1DC CNC control board, running CNC11 on Windows 8 OS Tablet PC. Simplified installation: pre-installed Win8, CNC11 software with proper PLC program, control configuration settings and g- code programs, system is ready to run as shipped. All standard features of the Allin1DC and CNC11 are included such as: 6 Work Coordinate System positions (WCS), Subroutines and Macros, Larger standard g code file size, better faster 3D surfacing, USB connections for fast easy transfer, easy networking, remote support connection.

Many previously extra cost options are now included at no charge as well. Useful features like WCS (G54-59), Subroutines (M98) and Macros (G65), are now included with the M39 upgrade kit. This combined with a modern PC with a large LCD, Hard drive, USB connections and a fast processor makes programming and editing right at the control a joy with fast g code backplots and easy to read menus.