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CENTROID M-15 CNC control trade-in to M39S upgrade kit

The M39S CNC control is configured for direct replacement for all M-15 CNC controls, it includes a Windows All in one PC, large hard drive, large LCD display, new electronics cabinet, new jog pendant, keyboard and mouse.

The Upgrade kit utilizes CENTROID’s new Allin1DC CNC control board, running latest version of CNC12 on a Windows 10/11 OS intel NUC. Simplified installation: pre-installed Win OS, CNC12 software with proper PLC program, control configuration settings and g- code programs, system is ready to run as shipped. All standard features of the Allin1DC and CNC12 are included with Pro version of CNC12 license file and its included features. Work Coordinate System positions (WCS), Subroutines and Macros, Larger standard g code file size, better faster 3D surfacing, USB connections for fast easy transfer, easy networking, remote support connection.

Many previously extra cost options are now included at no charge as well. Useful features like WCS (G54-59), Subroutines (M98) and Macros (G65), are now included with the M39 upgrade kit. This combined with a modern PC with a large LCD, SSD Hard drive, USB connections and a fast processor makes programming and editing right at the control a joy with fast g code backplots and easy to read menus.

Ready to install M39S CNC control upgrade kit is pre-configured

M39 M15 cnc upgrade kit is complete ready to install

The M39 uses the same familiar CENTROID CNC menu's that you have become accustomed to on the M15, you'll feel right at home with your new CNC, with no learning curve you'll be able to start making parts the first day your new control is installed.

Many new features have been added to the familiar CENTROID CNC software that you will find time saving and useful: distance to go, power meters, background editing, run time graphics, remote support connection, to name a few. And existing M15 software unlocks transfer to the new system.

Several configurations are offered to suit your application and budget.

  • $5950.00#15033 M15 to M39s, with NUC, no tray=DIY monitor and stand (as shown)
  • $7910.00#15034 M15 to M400s
  • $5250.00#15035 M15 to M39s, Uses VCP (No Pendant) with NUC & E-Stop box, DIY monitor and stand

Centroid Tech Support offers a M15 to M39 file transfer service for $150. When you purchase this service Centroid Tech Support will copy off the CNC Configuration files, Intercon and G code files from the old M15 and transfer them to the new M39 system so its ready to go. Or you can do this yourself. Your choice.

M-15 to M-39S Upgrade kit: email for a quote or call 814-353-9256 press 2

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centroid m15 cnc control upgrade kit cabinet image

At the heart of the M39S is CENTROID's new Allin1DC CNC control card. This evolutionary CNC control combines CENTROID's 30 years experience making reliable and powerful DC servo motor drives, fast dedicated CNC CPU's, and PLC's tailored to the requirements of milling machines and lathes. As the name implies, the Allin1DC combines our new MPU11 CNC CPU, our time tested Digital DC servo amplifier and our CNC PLC all in one package, eliminating many cables, connectors, terminal strips, wire and relays. Designed specifically for small to medium sized CNC machines up to 15 hp spindles, the new Allin1DC will provide years and years of reliable glitch free operation so all you'll have to do is concentrate on machining parts.

The new CENTROID CNC CPU on the Allin1DC control card is also much faster than the M15's which yields improved surfacing when it comes to 3D machining. Also, most all existing cnc hardware such as probes,tool touch offs,remote start are compatible with the new Allin1DC control board. Unlike the M15, the new Allin1DC communicates with the CNC PC via ethernet cable, so in the future when the time comes to replace the PC, that's all you'll have to replace.

On-site installation and training is available by any one of our expert cnc support technicians worldwide.

Add functionality to your CNC machine. Optional equipment available for the M39S CNC controls:

M15 to M39 Upgrade Photo Album Link.

Upgrade paths for other Centroid CNC controllers (M10, M20, M40, M400's, CNC4) are available as well.
Please call 814-353-9256 press 2 or email for a quote.

CENTROID Precision CNC Rotary Tables

CNC Rotary Tables, 4th axis cnc Machining, easy programming with conversational, includes servo motor, servo drive, cable and software.

Ready for delivery, our Rotary Table packages are very price competitive and include: servo motor, servo drive, 4th axis prewire cable, and 4th axis software. Available in AC or DC configurations. True 4th axis contouring and indexing. Click here for more information and pricing.

cnc controller system

CNC control kits for other machines as well! OEM and Retrofit. CENTROID CNC controls ship from the factory completely assembled and tested ready to install on your particular machine tool. All the operator control buttons, the PLC ladder, motor wiring, even all the cables for Spindle, Coolant, Lube, and any other accessories are prewired, programmed, tested and ready to go. Designed for both new machinery and the Retrofit upgrade of existing NC/CNC machines. We have over 7500 servo CNC controls in operation worldwide. No one else has more experience retrofitting classic machine tools like: Bridgeport , Mori Seiki, Hardinge, Shizuoka, Prototrak to name a few. We STOCK common control configurations for immediate delivery!

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