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CNC Cylinder Head Porting and Engine Block Machines
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Specialty CNC Machine Tools
Additive 3D Laser CNC Machining Center  

Additive 3D Metal Laser Printing Hybrid CNC Machining Center.
Repair expensive parts by adding metal and then machine to tolerance automatically.
CNC Laser Deposition Welding and Milling in one machine tool.

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CNC engraving machines  

MHO CNC Engraving Machines for Coin, Jewelry, Medallions, EDM electrodes, Ceramics, Dies, Stamps and Molds


HO manufactures a series of compact CNC mills. 3 and 4 axis machines with and without tool changers are available. The MHO compact mills are a high performance CNC mills designed for precise machining of Electrodes , Engraving dies, Jewelry patterns and more. click here for more information.

C axis CNC lathe turning center     C axis Turning center with servo drive C axis machining capabilities.

CENTROID's unique C axis drive mechanism provides true SERVO motor C axis spindle drive. The servo motor driven spindle C axis provides superior machining performance while holding tight tolerances. Not to be confused with inferior inverter driven schemes! The CENTROID C axis mechanism is a zero backlash design and is gearless. This long life high performance design ensures years of reliable C axis operation. click here for more info..
5 axis machining center, bostomatic style     5 axis machining center, affordable 5 axis machining for Medical, Aerospace applications.
CENTROID has developed a new high performance affordable 5 axis machining center. Its Bostomatic like action has been improved upon with its unique ballscrew drive which results in fast, smooth, accurate and reliable 5 axis machining. click here for more info
cnc retrofits for large and complex machine tools     Specialty CNC retrofits, Large vertical Lathes and Horizontal Machining Centers.

The CENTROID CNC control is suited for retrofit on a wide variety of machines tools. Its advanced CNC CPU and PLC is perfect for upgrading older NC/CNC machines tools to elminate repair costs and bring the machine tool back to life. CENTROID has specialized in complex CNC retrofits for 30 years (as well as simple knee mill and router retrofits). Our retrofit knowledge and experniece ensures a sucsessful integration which results in a productive money making machine tool. click here for a slide show.

4 axis CNC Welder

Precision CNC welding price breakthrough! Tig or Mig weld almost anything with this new CNC welding machine. Accurate, repeatable results yield a superior weld with less scrap than welding by hand. This machine handles both thick and critical thin wall welding with ease for superior penetration and weld strength. Click here for more info....


2 axis CNC Diamond wire machine

Used for making Carbon EDM electrodes for Extrusion Die production. Not an EDM machine, This machine actually makes the plunge EDM electrodes to produce sophisticated extrusion dies. This machine uses a fine diamond wire to cut hard materials. Now you can bring in house that electrode work for faster turn around times with less expense. Click here for more info.

5 axis machining center, bostomatic style  

5 Axis Cylinder Head machining center

Automatically Duplicate hand shaped combustion chambers, intake and exhaust ports. Both copy and cut with the same machine. With this machine you can machine a new casting to an exact shape as well as repair a damage combustion chamber. The CNC head machine produces consistent shapes for the best quality cylinder heads for racing and high performance engines. This new machine breaks the price and performance barrier, no race or repair shop should be without this machine. Click here for more info..
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