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CNC Tig Welder uses a CENTROID M400 CNC control  

This 4 axis CNC Tig welding machine uses a CENTROID M400 CNC control equipped Bed Mill that has been combined with a Miller Tig Welder to weld precision Stainless steel Exhaust headers for Race Cars. Vision Technology in Troutman NC built this machine for Pro Fabrication Racing Exhaust Systems located in Concord, NC. Pro Fab provides Nascar racing teams with highly accurate exhaust parts which guarantee interchangeability and superior quality thru CNC welding.

Automatic torch height controller keeps the torch at the perfect height, the torch path, auto amp control with manual override, and wire feed is controlled thru the M400.

This machine is also equipped with a 4th axis rotary table for use on parts that are required to be rotated for welding.

Programming the welder moves, feedrates, wire feed and welding amps are all done with CENTROID's built-in Intercon conversational programming software.

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The Tig torch on this machine is equipped with automatic wire feed. The wire feed can be programmed to turn on and off when needed anywhere along the welding path.

The CENTROID CNC control is fiber optically isolated which allows it to reliably control a Tig welder. This advanced CNC technology can only be found on a CENTROID control. The Miller Tig welder is directly controlled by the CENTROID CNC.

This machine out performs others on the market costing twice as much.

With a different head, The machine can also make use of a Mig welder for different types of parts that use thicker material.

Autotorch height, wire feed, weld amps and weld feedrate control
hard to weld parts made easy   A jig has been built to accurately locate the ring terminal (being held in the photo) inside the piece of tubing for welding. The end of the ring comes up thru the hole in the top of the tubing and the welder welds in a circular fashion around the top of the ring fusing it to the wall of the tubing perfectly every time.
tough to weld seam on a exhaust collector   This part is tacked together by hand and then finished on the CNC Welder. The seam between the two pieces of tubing is CNC welded together. This high stress area makes it critical that the weld be as close to perfect as possible.
finished welded seam on a exhaust collector  

Finished welded seam on a collector.

With complete control of welding amps, wire feed, welding feed rate and torch height, consistent welds can be made from part to part. Once you proof out a part by making the necessary adjustment on the first run, the machine will consistently weld the same seam the same way, day in and day out. Since the control can store thousands of welding part programs, months from now when you return to make another run of the same part you will get the same performance results. The control remembers all the settings for that particular job.

CNC training only takes a day, onsite professional training.   Operator training only takes about a day. The CENTROID simplifies welding part programming with its built in conversational programming software. You can program parts right at the control and see color graphics on the torch tip welding path before and during the welding process. It is easy to make changes and adjustments as well to "tweak in" that first part for perfect welds each time.
finished product, Nascar motor exhaust header by Pro Fabrication  

A finished Pro Fabrication Racing Exhaust System.

Pro-Fabrication's evolutionary technique of combining both Hand and CNC welding has provided the ability to take a 20 ft. length of tube and turn it into an exemplary, finished racing product.

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