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CENTROID CNC Cylinder Head Porting Machines. Heads, Blocks, Parts, Same Machine Same Fixture.
Unmatched Precision, Superior CNC Porting with consistent results.
5 axis cnc cylinder head porting machine tool
  The A560 5-axis articulating head high speed CNC machining center is suited to a wide variety of 5 axis machining applications from medical to aerospace to high performance automotive engine building. Our machine is a complete turn-key system, including comprehensive one-on-one CNC porting training and support. Equipped with a 24 pocket automatic tool change and a high speed spinlde, the A560 can port cylinder heads from a wide range of engine configurations: V12,V10, V8 heads, V6, Inline 6, 5 and 4 cylinders, Import, Motorcycle, Gas and Diesel engines. The CENTROID porting system overcomes limitations of other cnc porting machines with its unique and patented technology which provides better ports with seamless transitions. The A560 has the capacity to CNC port long cylinder heads such as inline 6 cylinder gas and diesel heads. CENTROID has simplified the porting process, now you can digitize a head in the morning and be cutting perfect copies in the afternoon. The combination of accuracy, repeatability, training and support allows our customers to produce the most powerful race winnings heads on the market.
Call (814) 353-9256 Ext. 101 for more information and pricing.
5 axis maching center   Patented Ballscrew design.
CENTROID's ballscrew drive articulating head was designed specifically for CNC Cylinder head porting. Made in the USA of rigid cast iron, the articulating head provides 60 degrees of tilt in each direction (120 degrees total) so the tool can cut even the most radical ports. The design of the A560 minimize tool motion for fast smooth cutting action. The unique ballscrew drive of the articulating head produces the smoothest 5 axis action on the market. The design also overcomes back lash and maintenance problems found with our competitors machines. Where others have tried CENTROID has succeeded with this ingenious robust design which produces fantastic ports.
  A560 5 Axis CNC Machining Center Brochure  
click here to download hi-res PDF brochure

As with the CENTROID A532, the A560 also has the capability to digitize in five axes. So, there is no extra machine to buy or out-of-house digitizing expense. The A560 comes equipped with on-machine 5 axis automatic cylinder head digitizing capability. Fast and simple to use, copy and cut a cylinder head port in the same day.


All the software needed to digitize and recreate Cylinder Head Intake and Exhaust ports along with Combustion chambers is included with every CENTROID CNC porting machine. There is no extra software or equipment to buy. Our renowned one-on-one CNC porting training ensures you will be CNC porting heads faster than any other system on the market.


CNC Intake Ports, Edelbrock Cirle track ports

Perfect port matching!
No other machine matches the accuracy of the the CENTROID porting system. Our superior combustion chamber side to manifold side matching guarantees that your design is being machined right where its supposed to be.

Digitize and Cut on the same Machine.
Automatic Digitizing copies your original hand ported head, CENTROID's DP4 Digitizer runs on the CNC machine so no need for an extra digitizing machine.

CNC Combustion Chamber on a Dart 360 head  

Versatile CNC Machine. Multi use machine: Port Cylinder heads and intake manifolds, machine combustion chambers, engrave letters, numbers and symbols, add o-ring grooves and more. V12,V10, V8 heads, V6,inline 6, 5 and 4 cylinders, Import and motorcycle engines gas and diesel.




Turn-key System Includes:

  • Patented 5 axis CNC Machine
  • Windows 7 OS, Quad core, SSD, USB, Wifi
  • 10 days CNC Porting Training
  • Mastercam X3 Software
  • DP7 Digitizing Probe
  • TT-1 Auto Tool Length Setter
  • MPG Electronic Handwheel
  • Cylinder Head fixture plate
  • Starter Tooling package
  • Fully enclosed machine with sliding doors.
  • Air blast hose and coolant wash down hose.
  • Runs on 3 phase power.

High Speed CNC Porting Machine Features:

  • Capacity for long wide cylinder heads.
  • High Speed CNC porting.
  • CENTROID M400 5 Axis AC servo CNC control
  • On-machine 5 axis CNC Digitizing.
  • Auto Tool height set
  • 20,000 rpm 20 Hp Spindle motor.
  • Laser calibrated for high accuracy
  • C5 double nut ballscrews
  • Heavy Duty Frame with Linear Guide ways
  • Meehanite Casting Stress relieved
  • Auto Tool Coolant system
  • Telescopic steel way covers
  • Auto central lubrication system
CNC Porting software, Mastercam X2 screen shot showing CNC intake ports.   Mastercam software.
The latest Multi Axis Mastercam software with a one year maintenance agreement is included with every machine. We teach you how to use Mastercam to create perfect CNC ports every time. This powerful package opens your digitizing data and creates the program to port the head, also allows you to tweak hand ported designs if necessary. The CENTROID/Mastercam CNC porting system has significant advantages both in cost and effectiveness while at the same time is the easiest to learn and the best supported porting package on the market.
CENTROID 5 axis CNC control, digitize and cut on the same machine.   State of the Art CNC control.
Touch Screen, Windows 7 OS,Touch screen, Quad core, SSD, USB and wifi standard. Made in the USA the CENTROID M400 comes from a long history of tough industrial CNC controls. The CENTROID CNC is known for its user friendly operator interface combined with powerful features which produce superior cuts and finishes with less work on your part. Simple setup menus guide you thru the process. Advanced CNC features like: Unlimited file size with accell/decell look ahead provides smooth continuous tool motion. USB 2.0 ports and Ethernet for easy file transfer. Stop and restart at any point. Program tool path graphics. The CENTROID is a fast PC based CNC with updateable software so you are always using the latest technology. Operator friendly floor stand is convenient and comfortable to use.
CNC cylinder head digitizing is automatic.  

Integrated Automatic 5-axis Digitizing!
Digitize and Cut using the same machine and the same control software. No extra software to learn, no extra CMM machine necessary to digitize a head. The same setup menus used to cut are used to digitize. Real 5-axis Digitizing method is a CENTROID exclusive time saving feature that produces better results than the competition. No comparison to the 3 axis patch method the CENTROID 5-axis intake and exhaust port digitizing is fast and accurate. No other system can beat it!

Designed for Cylinder Head Digitizing.
CENTROID's DP-4 probe and software is specifically designed for digitizing cylinder head intake, exhaust ports and combustion chambers. This patented probe has special features just for cylinder head copying. Simple for users to specify copy resolution for the most accurate and best results.

Automatic Head Setup.
Not only is the probe used to copy your custom shapes, the same probe automatically sets the Head zero locations on the fixture. Quick, Accurate, Automatic part setup saves you time and makes setup simple.

Ultra accurate, Stainless steel construction,advanced patented circuitry, interchangeable styli, Made in USA.

Honda CNC Cylinder Head Porting Video.  

ATV 5-axis CNC Porting Video!
DASA/Mastercam/CENTROID Video
Just released! Honda ATV CNC Cylinder Head porting wins races! Dasa Team Racers Edge tells you his secrets to wining. See a Honda engine being CNC ported.
Click on image to see Dasa/Mastercam video... click here to see index of all racing videos.

CNC Cylinder Head Machining Center Video.   V8 5-axis CNC Cylinder Head Porting Video.
Check out our New A532 Cylinder Head Machining in action. See a cylinder head being CNC ported from a raw casting perfectly matching the original hand ported shape. click here to see all CENTROID performance racing videos.
09 PRI Automotive CNC Video.   Performance Racing Industry Trade Show
If you missed the show..see the PRI Video online! Click here..
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