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CENTROID CNC control customer reviews and testimonials

Jerald Mittasch, Mitco Manufacturing & Machining
Fadal 3016 CNC retrofit by Terry Ruppe of Arrow Controls.

Jerald's first step into a tool changer machine was this Fadal 3016, on some jobs he uses every tool bin in the ATC, Jerald showed us one part that uses 18 tools, and he mentioned that he takes advantage of the Centroid Tool Touch Off Probe to set up tools automatically. He says, “its a piece of cake, its so easy to do”.

Jerald was confident when it came to learn how to use the new tool changer machine since he was already familiar with operating and programming the Centroid control on his two other machines. He says, “there wasn't that much new to learn going from a knee mill to a new ATC machine”. When it comes to taking on new jobs Jerald says “I don't make the same thing over and over” and with the Centroid “I never I had a job yet that I said I can't do” click here for more Fadal 3016 CNC retrofit info...

Matt Doran, Rebco Inc
Rebco custom Vertical Lathe, 53 units running 24/7!

"Using the CENTROID CNC control has allowed us to develop our own specialized machine tool that can produce a high volume of parts with a much lower ROI than purchasing traditional machine tools. In our business the margins are thin and something as simple as an axis drive going bad on our traditional cnc machine tools would blow our profit for that month. With the CENTROID the parts are reliable and when something does go wrong,CENTROID parts are accessible and affordable and we save on expensive traditional CNC service calls by doing the repairs ourselves keeping us running and in the black."

Jesus Fragoso, Fragoso, Inc.
Elrod Machine Retrofit Hardware with CENTROID M400

"Thank you for your help in converting my Bridgeport into the machine that it is today. The CNC retrofit could not have gone any smoother! The quality of your hardware/mounting kits are first class. I was searching for a CNC upgrade option for my mill but others REQUIRED that the kit be installed by a certified installer. The fact that I was able to do the install myself was extremely gratifying and even more importantly saved me some serious money. The success of the installation would not have been possible without the support that you gave me over the phone. The fact that you provided me with your mobile phone # and not just an office # speaks highly of your superb customer service. The combination of the Centroid package and your kit have been a pleasure to work with. I must mention for all those out there that have never operated a CNC machine before, I knew nothing about programming on a CNC before this and the CENTROID made it easy to learn and I was able to quickly progress to more complex CNC parts"

Jim Harvey, HRE Fabrication
Elrod CNC knee mill with CENTROID M400

"The CENTROID M400S. This control is simply amazing from a standpoint of user friendliness and machine capability. The conversational function is so much more than just ‘Drill X1.0 Y3.4 Z-.5. Onboard help screens have math functions, step by step ‘fill in the blanks” and a Post and Edit than allow you to tweak the program to get exactly the results that you’re after. If you have never before even seen a snippet of G-Code, you can make parts on a CENTROID Control Machine with no more than a cursory skimming of the manual. This CENTROID M400S is LIFE CHANGING! That may sound like a bold statement, but if you make your living making parts, you will never look at a job the same way again. This is simply the best investment that you can make in your business. Finally, the customer service and support is beyond compare. Actual people answer the phone, return calls and have a solid knowledge of the system and how to talk to the customer on the other end of the line. I recently called Tech Support with a question on the file system. My call went directly to the technical department where a live human being picked up, answered my question and had a pleasant disposition. What a change from some companies! No drama, no BS, just good solid FRIENDLY information."

Vic Brown, President, American Machine Works Inc.
Bridgeport Boss retrofit with CENTROID M400

"I am writing this to thank you for your work on the Centroid retrofit of the Bridgeport series 2 mill. I must admit when you first approached me about this, I was somewhat skeptical. My initial thought was that this would be a problem from an electrical standpoint and that I would be much better off with a new machine. After purchasing a new Haas TM2 and finding that the rigidity of this machine was not totally satisfactory, the Bridgeport project was back on the table. The Bridgeport was in good shape even for its age and we decided to go ahead. This approach also allowed us to keep using the Bridgeport for several jobs requiring helical milling with the Bridgeport right angle head, which we did not have a viable work around for.The short story is that we ended up with a four axis CNC mill for less than half the cost of the three axis Haas. This includes the work that was done by our staff. The quality and workmanship of the Centroid equipment was outstanding and very professional. Centroid was able to custom tailor the control to allow us to continue to use our rotary milling arrangement as before and even expanded our capability. The new motors are much better than the original motors with much higher torque. The operator interface is a much improved as well. I would recommend this option to anyone that has a decent Bridgeport with tired electronics. This is a very good value for a very capable machine tool."

Atrump M320 Jason Oakes
Jason Oakes CNC Part

Jason Oakes, Oakes Manufacturing LLC
Atrump M320 Machining Center

"The Centroid CNC control works exceptionally well for my job shop type applications.  It has a very simple and intuitive conversational that is excellent for repair work and simple part programming.  It also has the ability to run G & M codes from most any CAM system for running very complex complicated parts, having a great conversational on a machining center is rare and has become very valuable to my shop. The networking feature is amazing in the time it saves copying and saving files to your network when compared to RS-232 or USB sticks.  I don't know if I could live without the DP-4 touch probe and CSR options.  They save an unbelievable amount of time setting up parts. You have to use these tools to really understand the advantages they bring to the table.   The machine has an enormous memory so you don't have to worry about running out of memory when machining large 3d surfaces like foundry patterns.  The control is very dirt simple to navigate even for people that are not overly computer literate.  The control panel is very simple and intuitive.  Many functions like running the ATC can be done without using MDI making it easy with no codes to memorize and the manuals are written in English and not translated to English which makes Centroid's manuals very easy to understand and obtain information from.  Centroid CNC controls give you enormous bang for the buck and they are tailored to excel in the job shop environment.  I recommend them to any shop that runs a very large product/part mix and needs to respond very quickly to their customers unreasonable demands."

Jason made a video review of his Atrump M320, check it out on Youtube click here

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