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Fanuc, Shizuoka CNC Knee Mill CENTROID M400 Retrofit by Arrow Controls, Houston TX
Fanuc Shizuoka Yellow cap servo cnc retrofit
Stages of a M-39 CNC Retrofit of a Shizuoka Knee mill, replacing an old Bandit control.
Shizuoka AN-S with the old original Bandit control.  

This example of how a typical retrofit is installed was taken about 10 years ago, even though it is showing an older model being installed, the steps in the process are the same so we have left it up here on the website for your information.

Here is a Shizuoka model AN-S 3 axis NC mill. This rugged and very popular knee mill was originally equipped with a Bandit control. This machine is in good mechanical condition but is equipped with an old obsolete NC control.
With control parts becoming scarce and repairs more frequent, it was time to upgrade!

The M-39 is a lower cost Centroid package, you supply the monitor and standard PC keyboard. Centroid supplies the axis motors, amplifiers and CNC PC, and the prewired NEMA cabinet. There is also an optional hand-held push button pendant.

Your local Centroid representative will come to your shop and evaluate your machine and spec the right Centroid CNC for the job.

M-39 arrives fully assembled ready to install.  

This is what you can expect when your control arrives. Centroid controls are not just a few computer parts in a UPS package.

Centroid CNC Controls are completely factory assembled and come ready to install on your machine.

Upacked M-39, notice all the prewired accessories and motor cables  

The electrical enclosure of the M-39 is: 24" wide X 36" tall.
The axis motors are pre-wired with MS type plugs or can be hard wired.
CNC manual, hook up wiring diagram, and training video.

Optional hand-held M-39 control pendant.
Mounting hardware for monitor/ keyboard shelf.

Everything you will need
right down to the nuts & bolts.

Remove the old control, unbolt the motors and the old control box.  

The first step was to remove the old
control and motors.
Time: 1 hour


Keep all the hardware you will be reusing it!

Bolt up the new servo motors and mount the cabinet.  

Next, Mount each axis drive motor.
Mount the electrical cabinet.
Mount the monitor / keyboard shelf.

Time: 2.5 hours





Just plug in the motors, monitor and keyboard.
We also wire in the machine limit switches, secure the cables, and wire tie any bundles for a first rate installation.

completed retrofit!  This machine is going back to work.  

At this point we will enter a couple of values for each axis and then one button will auto-tune each axis servo driver. Our installation includes checking your machine's accuracy, setting the backlash values, and training your machinist to use this new tool.

Optional features such as TT-1 auto tool length measurement or network communications can be added now or in the future.

Time: 4.5 hours

Total time for install on this Shizuoka model AN-S knee mill retrofit is 8 to 10 hours.

Centroid CNC training is typically held the next day and is also 8 hours. A free training DVD is also included with every retrofit.




Thanks to Doug Laursen of Machines in Motion for the photos.

Slide show of other machines retrofitted by Machines in Motion
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