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Jobs in Central Pennsylvania, Jobs near State College PA and Penn State University:

Electronics, Programmers, Engineers, Technicians, Mechanical designers, Customer Service Representatives, Technical Support, CAD operators, Desktop publishing, Marketing and Communications, Technical Sales, PC assembly.

CAD Draftsmen

Design hi-tech CNC machine tools. Interesting and challenging assignments include mechanisms involved in our 5 axis cylinder head porting application. Includes design of industrial electrical and electronic computer enclosures and packaging, stainless steel probe sensor parts, cylinder head fixtures, articulating spindle castings and actuators, rotary table mechanisms. Duties include proposing and identifying sources and contacting vendors of parts and material to be used in the designs. Skills required CAD drafting, we use SolidWorks, Mastercam, Autocad, and Autocad Inventor. This is a full time position at our Milesburg PA location benefits include healthcare, prescriptions, and paid vacation.

US citizenship or green card required. Send cover letter and resume to

CAD/CAM Operator/Trainer

You will provide technical support and training to elite Engine building shops that supply NHRA , Street performance, Tractor Pull markets with hi tech automotive cylinder heads and engine blocks.Setup and train racing shops using our CNC cylinder head porting equipment and engine block machining equipment.Candidate will first learn the operation of the CENTROID CNC cylinder head porting system. This job requires a mix of mechanical know-how, with some CAD/CAM experience required (Mastercam preferred) . Also some electrical/electronic background is required along with PC skills.Cylinder head ports and combustion chambers are digitized , manipulated in CAD-CAM, and then CNC machined in cylinder head blanks. Your responsibilities will include supporting sales by answering customer technical questions, training customers on the use of our system, helping customers digitize and cut their specific ports, traveling to race shops to provide training and support. Provide phone support back at CENTROID headquarters after the sale.Also required is documentation creation of "how to" manuals and user manuals, and you will contribute to the creation of sales brochures, web pages, and videos. About 25% of the time you will travel training customers at their shop, which includes attending performance racing exhibitions at least once per year.( Indianapolis)This job is perfect for the hi tech motorhead who wants to be on the cutting edge of engine technology and enjoys training new customers and travel. US citizenship or green card required.

Send cover letter and resume to


Electro-Mechanical Technician

This is the perfect job for hands-on all around mechanical and electrical technicians. No experience necessary (but it helps). We will train the right person! Start by wiring and testing our custom electrical enclosures and servo-driven rotary tables. Move up to implement CNC motion control systems applied to milling machines, lathes, wood routers, and other special machines. Assemble, debug, troubleshoot, and use test electrical and electronic equipment to solve customer problems at our plant, over the phone and even at customer sites.

Some PC skills are required. Valid drivers license and US Citizen or Green card is required. Tech degree or certification is helpful but not required. Candidates may be required to pass skills tests before being invited to come in for an interview.

Send cover letter and resume to

Electronics Technician:

Work with microprocessors, CAD schematics, CAD-printed circuit board layout, surface mount SMT, microprocessor assembly language, digital logic PALs, PLDs, power supplies, and analog here for more info...

Electronic Test Technician:

Bench electronics production circuit testing & troubleshooting. Analog/Digital circuitry. Repair & coordinate with production, tech support, document failure rate & procedures. Advance to innovate/improve test procedures & circuit design. Click here for more info...

CNC Machinist

Operate CNC milling machines and lathes, making parts for our line of Performance Racing CNC machines. Choose tooling and setup jobs, accept jobs from both blueprints and CAD/CAM pre processed G-code files. Give feedback for design and cost improvements to both parts and the machining process to engineering and management. Benefits include healthacare, prescriptions, and paid vacations. compensation: To be discussed
employment type: full-time
Send Resume to


Electronic Engineer:

High Tech Motion control of powerful Servo Motors used in Automation. Provide manufacturing with support for troubleshooting parts and connector specifications, QC, and test procedures. Click here for more info...


Electronics Support Technician:

Strong PC hardware and software problem solving skills required. People skills via the phone is a must. Debug Centroid control systems in-house and in the field. Typically travel a few days per month. These positions require an interest in mechanical and electromechanical devices. Click here for more...


Mechanical Engineer

CAD/CAM design of mechanisms and accessories related to CNC machines, automatic feeders, sensing devices, lathes, etc. Responsibilities include hands on testing, parts sourcing, & building of prototypes. Click here for more info...

Mechanical Designer

High Tech motion control mechanisms, rotary, 5 axis, cnc cylinder head porting, industrial computer enclosures and many other exciting projects. Click here for more info...

Mechanical Technician

An all around mechanically inclined person is required to assemble and repair milling machines, lathes, and accessories. Design and fabricate motor mounts, brackets, covers and support arms for CENTROID CNC controls. Click here for more...

CNC Cylinder Head Porting Technician/Engineer

Support elite Engine building shops that supply all kinds of Race and Street performance markets with hi tech automotive engines. Train customers how to use our Performance Racing CNC machines. Click here for more...

Full Stack Software Developer
Milesburg, PA
CENTROID has an opening for a Full Stack Software Developer to work on our custom in-house business software suite!

We are seeking an individual who has a passion for delivering usable, stable, software to end users. This position emphasizes improvements and refactoring to the current software, implementation of new features, and performing bug fixes. Because the software is used in-house, you will receive instant feedback and gratification for your designs/fixes directly from the people who use the software every day.

There is plenty of room for advancement to Project Leader/Designer. Click here for more info...

Other High tech projects involving motion control, real-time graphics, graphical user interfaces, machine tool applications, servo motor control, CAD/CAM data processing and 3D digitizing, 5 axis motion control. Click here for more info...


Software Engineer
Milesburg, PA
CENTROID has openings for Software Engineers working on a wide range of high-tech projects involving motion control, real-time graphics, graphical user interfaces (GUI), machine tool applications, servo motor control, CAD/CAM data processing, 3D digitizing and computer vision, and 5 axis motion control.

You will work closely with our Mechanical and Electronic Engineers as you develop, test, and release our main application suite which controls many different types of CNC Machines. While developing, you will have the opportunity to watch your implementations come to life as you test on live CNC machines here at our main facility located in Milesburg, PA. Just 20 minutes from Penn State University in State College!

The programming environment is Windows, developing C / C++ using Visual Studio 2019. This position emphasizes project design responsibilities including but not limited to: User interface ease of use and performance trade-offs, documentation, and test plans.

There is plenty of room for advancement to Project Leader/Designer.

more info on is the link.


Software Developer
Milesburg, PA
CENTROID has openings for Software Developers working a wide range of software projects.

You will work closely with Software Engineers as you develop and test applications here at our Milesburg, PA facility. We are Located just 20 minutes from Penn State University in State College!

This position is perfect for those looking to get started in the field of Software Development, who may or may not have a related degree or professional experience. You will work closely with clients to develop and test custom PLC programs that will run CNC machines. These PLC programs are developed using our own in-house language, which will be familiar to anyone with prior programming experience.

There is a possibility of advancement to a Software Engineer/Software Developer with adequate time and experience.

more info on is the link...


Electronics Technical Support

Involves all aspects of customer support. It includes a heavy emphasis on phone trouble support. Help customers implement CENTROID's motion control systems applied to milling machines, lathes, wood routers, and other special machines. Knowledge and experience with industrial machinery, electronics and electrical a big plus. Click here for more info...

Customer Field Service Representative

On site Customer Service: CENTROID CNC Independent Field Service Representative work with high-tech PC-based Electronic Motion Controls on CNC milling machines, lathes, routers, and other industrial equipment. Travel to customers site and repair and upgrade CNC control equipment. Territories are nationwide. Click here for more info...

Technical Sales

Combine your technical knowledge and love of gadgets with the fast-paced world of sales. Apply your people skills to helping customers choose the controls for their machinery. This is may be entry-level position or an advanced position depending on your experience. Click here for more info...

Assembly - Electronics Production

Manufacturing production environment in our Milesburg PA facility. Job duties include stuffing and soldering printed circuit boards, soldering and crimping wires. Click for more info...

PC Assembly and Electronics

Assemble industrial PC's and high tech CNC electronic equipment, requires excellent manual dexterity and aptitude. Click here for more info...

CENTROID Corporation, near the State College, PA Penn State area, has positions available for: Electronic Engineering Jobs, Electronic Technician jobs, Programming jobs, Technical Sales jobs, and other employment opportunities. We are located in Centre County Pennsylvania, Near Nittany Valley home of Penn State University (PSU). Opportunities are available in engineering, electrical, mechanical design, CAD, software design, electronics assembly, technical sales, service and support, shipping and receiving, programming, and various other fields. Potential employees traveling from State College, Bellefonte, Milesburg, Lock Haven and any other surrounding areas are invited to apply by following the instructions below. CENTROID offers a variety of benefits to its employees, including Health Insurance, Prescriptions, Paid vacation and holidays, 401K, and Life Insurance.

This year CENTROID celebrates its 31st anniversary. We have grown into a world leader among CNC control manufactures. We are a high tech electronics company which offers a wide variety of Job opportunities for many types of individual talents ranging from technical sales to business management. Job opportunities are available both locally for the home office and for the worldwide support, sales, management, and recruitment for our international dealer network.

In addition to positions based here in Pennsylvania, we offer both Worldwide and Nationwide travel opportunities for our sales and support technicians. Travel the United States and the World with CENTROID! CENTROID seeks independent motivated individuals who like to get things done and take responsibility for entire projects and areas of business. In addition to our core business, new opportunities exist for expansion into related areas using our existing technology. We are looking for team managers to head up these new startups to make it happen. Pay is based on performance and is directly proportional to business success.

CENTROID is a growing High Tech business and all positions have a path for advancement into management, sales and design. Become a part of the CENTROID team and apply today!

We offer flex hours. For instance, once you have completed training, you may choose to begin your day anytime between 7 am and 9 am. You may take a half hour, one hour or even two hour lunch between 11 am and 1 pm but you are not paid for your lunch break. You may choose to work 4 long days and 1 short day as long as your supervisor agrees. Some even choose to work on some hours on Saturday so they can have time off during the week.

We offer personal days. It's really personal hours. They can be taken in 2 hour increments. This time is given to you to be used as you wish whether it be for time off for appointments, sick days, vacation, or just because you want to leave early for a ballgame.

We also offer medical insurance, dental insurance and other optional coverages.

The best part is that since we are a hands on manufacturing company, no need to wear expensive dress clothes...casual and comfortable is the dress code.

We are a pleasant company to work for. If we find you would be better suited at a different position, we can transfer and train you so that you can be at your fullest potential.



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