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User Freindly DIY CNC Controls for Milling Machines,
Lathes, Routers and other special applications.
Do-It-Yourself professional grade CNC control kits.
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Centroid "Oak" closed loop CNC Controller.
A reliable, high performance, industrial quality CNC control at a do-it-yourself price. The Oak utilizes an integrated Motion Control CPU and communicates with CNCPC via a fast and reliable Ethernet connection. The Oak is a 4 axis CNC control board that is expandable to 8 axis of simultaneous motion. Perfect for many types of machine tools such as: CNC milling machines of all types, Turning Centers and a wide variety of CNC routers and other specialty applications. Typically used on CNC machine tools where a high performance CNC control is needed. Typically used with AC brushless servo in full closed loop operation but also can control DC servos as well. Yaskawa and Delta are recommended servo drive packages for use with Oak but, many others can be controlled by the Oak cnc control board as well. The Oak runs on Centroid proven industrial quality Mill or Lathe CNC control software.
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Centroid Oak CNC Controller base kit: Industrial grade DIY CNC control board for all types of CNC machine tools.
Oak CNC Controller kit $1595 (#13135)
  Centroid Oak CNC controller kit (part # 13135) includes:

- Oak control board
- Logic power supply with power leads
- Connector kit
- 15’ Shielded Ethernet cable
- Centroid CNC11 CNC software Mill and Lathe
- Typical CNC machine tool pre-programmed PLC Inputs and Outputs
- Mill and Lathe Conversational Programming Software
- Installation and Operator’s manuals PDF
- Full Size Paper Wiring Schematic
- DIY self service CNC support through Centroid Community CNC Forum which is Centroid   Technician monitored and maintained.
- Optional Centroid Factory Engineer remote or phone technical support
  Oak CNC controller Hookup Schematics
Centroid Oak CNC Mill and Lathe Software Download
(Includes: Centroid CNC Software, stock PLC programs, G-Code Editor, Intercon Conversational Software )
Oak Installation Manual
Centroid Mill Operator Manual (Part setup,Tool setup,Running a Job,Utility Menu, Digitizing, Probing, Intercon, Program Codes,,Gcodes,Mcodes,CNC Configuration)
Centroid Lathe Operator Manual
CNC Community Support Forum
CNC Support Videos
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Centroid Oak CNC Control price sheet
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  Oak Based Hardware and Software Features
  • Built in Motion Control CPU
  • Mill and Lathe CNC software
  • Reliable Ethernet communication with CNCPC
  • Runs on Windows 10
  • Compatible with CAD/CAM systems
  • Runs Standard G & M Codes (see list in operator manuals)
  • 4 Mb G code program size (unlimited optional)
  • True G-code back plot graphics w cutter comp moves
  • 2000 line accell decell look ahead
  • 1200 blocks per second
  • Feed rate override operator variable 0-200% at 1% increments
  • Plug and Play dedicated MPG port
  • Rapid rate override
  • Spindle Control. on/off cw/cw, speed w/override
  • 12-bit analog output 0-10 VDC for VFD control
  • 16 optically isolated inputs, user configurable
  • 9 fused relay outputs, user configurable
  • Centroid Operator control pendant compatible
  • Six Encoder Inputs
  • Single 24 vdc logic power input
  • Spindle Encoder RPM display
  • Simple Menu Driven Operator Interface
  • Stop and Restart Job at any point
  • Tool Check, Jog and Restart at any point
  • Cutter Compensation
  • Conductive touch probe compatible
  • Kinematic touch probe compatible
  • Dedicated Touch Probe port
  • 6 WCS G54 - G59 (12 more optional)
  • 4th axis software (both G code and Conversational)
  • Lube Pump control (user configurable to match pump type)
  • MDI mode with recent command memory
  • Programmable Auxiliary Function keys
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Stock PLC programs
  • User editable PLC programming
  • Part counter, Time, Time estimation
  • Simple Future Software updates available
  • G code editor
  • Utility Menu
  • Backup and Restore CNC config
  • Message Display and Logs
  • True Closed Loop CNC operation
  • Unlimited Program Storage (only limited by hard drive size)
  • Large easy to read DRO display
  • Menu Driven Part setup
  • Menu Driven Tool setup
  • Menu driven machine configuration setup
  • Fill in the blank Setup Menus
  • Run Menu
  • CNC control configuration menu
  • Restart Job Automatically
  • Any axis can be linear or rotary axis
  • G-code smoothing (user adjustable)
  • Auto Home to switch, user selectable direction per axis
  • Jog to Home or Home to Marks
  • Software Travel Limits (+ and - directions)
  • User configurable Slow, Fast, Max rates
  • User configurable axis motor acceleration
  • Backlash compensation
  • Gcode backplot checks work envelope
  • G code backplot shows true cutter comp moves
  • Vary part backplot speed and pause
    w/ G-code line display
  • Real Time Part Graphics, shows tool position while running
  • Optional Stops
  • Subprograms and Macros
  • Engraving compatible (short vector g code no problem)
  • Threadmilling (Mill)
  • Run in Inch or MM mode
  • Tool Library
  • Long part names
  • Drilling and Tapping Cycles
  • USB and Network Drive Compatible
  • Keyboard Operator Control panel emulator,
  • Xkeys USB control pad compatible
  • Tool Life Management
  • Ballscrew mapping table
  • Control relays and contactors thru Manual or Program control
  • User configurable custom DIY M-codes
  • Canned Cycles
  • Constant surface speed (lathe)
  • Threading (lathe)
  • Profiling with auto cleanout (lathe)
  • Lathe canned cycles (thread, groove, chamfer, cutoff,turning diameter and end face,
  • Scale input for DRO positional display of a manual axis
  • X/Y axis Deskew
  • Coordinate System Rotation
Oak Custom CNC control kits, Call or email for a quote on a custom Oak CNC control kit.
Can't decide what you need?

We will put together a Custom CNC control DIY kit for your particular CNC machine tool:

We've been upgrading machine tools since 1979 and have machine tool knowledge that can save you time and money. We can package the CNC control board, axis motors, encoders, cables, power supplies, and schematics; everything you need, into a custom DIY Oak CNC control kit specific for a specific machine tool.

Fill out this CNC control quote request form and we will advise, build and price the cnc system for you..

If reusing servo motors send us photos of the motors and the motor data plates so we can advise on compatibility with the Oak CNC Controller. send to:.
Oak CNC Controller Related Equipment and Accessories
Yaskawa Sigma 5 Motor and Drive packages. In stock ready to ship.
Yaskawa Sigma 5 Motor Drive Packages

For new machine tools, retrofit upgrades or as replacement motors. Yaskawa's are high quality, long lasting, powerful servo motor and drive packages.

see more Yaskawa motors an drives and available cable lengths, prices and part numbers on this page..

Yaskawa Servo motor dimensional drawings

Call or email for pricing on larger sizes
Yaskawa to Acorn setup instructions
Yaskawa to Oak setup instructions
YaskawaSigmaWin configuration software download.

Oak Board to Servo Drive communications cable
Oak to Servo drive communication cable
Oak Board to Servo Drive Communications Cable

Communications cable that connects a servo drive to the Oak CNC controller. One end plugs into the servo drive, and the other end plugs into the Oak CNC control board. Sold in 4 variations.

1.) Yaskawa. Works with Yaskawa Sigma 1,2,5,7 Servo drives
2.) Delta ASD-A or ASD-AB
3.) Estun ProNet
4.) Flying lead. Servo drive end of cable is left "flying lead" so user can mount any kind of connector necessary to connect to a drive other than Yaskawa, Delta or Estun.

*Yaskawa cable shown

Centroid all-in-one Touch Screen CNCPC
allin1pc for cnc control use Use your own PC OR purchase a Centroid CNCPC
Planning to build or use your own PC as a CNCPC? Be sure the PC meets the Centroid CNCPC minimum requirements found here. The Centroid's latest CNC software requires a Windows 10 PC that meets the requirements.
- If you plan to build your own CNCPC follow the recommendations here.
- If you plan to buy your own PC we recommend the Intel NUC (be sure to purchase a NUC that meets the Centroid minimum pc requirements) and any 16:9 aspect Touch Screen monitor
- Centroid also offers for purchase CNCPC's with preloaded and pre configured software see below.
Centroid all-in-one Touch Screen CNCPC ready to go : $999 (#12786)

- Preloaded with Windows 10 and pre-configured for CNC PC duty
- Preloaded Centroid CNC software Mill and Lathe with G code Editor,   Intercon, Stock PLC programs,Touch Screen Operators Control Panel (VCP) VCP requires the latest CNC12 version v4.12+
- 19.5" Touch Screen,4 GB ram, I3 processor
- Wifi, Ethernet, webcam with mic, card reader, usb ports
- Powercord, Keyboard, Mouse
- Centroid tested and pre qualified to work with Centroid CNC controllers
- Model, Specifications and COLOR may vary.


Centroid NUC CNCPC for use with your Touch Screen LCD display
Centroid NUC CNCPC Centroid Intel NUC CNCPC: $799 (#14366)
- Allows use of any size and type LCD Touch screen or a regular LCD monitor.
- Higher Performance PC than the the above Allin1PC
- Intel
SSD for the best performance
- Preloaded with Windows 10 and pre-configured for CNC PC duty
- Preloaded Centroid CNC software Mill and Lathe
- G code Editor
- Intercon Conversational
- Stock PLC programs
Touch Screen  Operator Control panel.
- Intel I3 processor, 4GB ram, SSD (solid state drive)
- Display port, HDMI, Ethernet, USB

- Centroid tested and pre qualified to work with Centroid CNC controllers
CENTROID Wireless MPG CNC control pendant
MPG USB wireless CNC control pendant
  Model: WMPG-4   (PDF download)
$239 w/ $15 shipping to USA.
International shipping is calculated after purchase.

Take the control to where the work is! A game changing tool, the Centroid Wireless MPG handwheel CNC Control pendant allows the operator to conveniently and precisely set up jobs and tools remotely.

Plug and Play with Centroid CNC12 Pro Acorn CNC software and CNC12 for Oak, Red Oak and Allin1DC with the USB MPG software plug-in.

SImple and fast setup. Plug in the included USB transmitter/receiver and start using it! Perfect for all types of Mills, Lathes, Routers and other specialty CNC machines. click here for more info.

Oak USB MPG Software Requirements

Oak requires:
CNC12 v4.12+ with USB MPG software add-on part #14688 $139

click image or here for more MPG info...
Centroid CNC Operator's Console, Mill or Lathe versions with or without CNCPC
Centroid CNC Operators Console
Centroid Touch Screen CNC Console
Select primary Machine type

- 15" Touch Screen full color LCD display
- Dedicated Operator Control Panel with extra programmable buttons
- USB ports
- Thin at 2.88" Thick
- Made in USA Steel construction
- Uses Standard USB keyboards, keyboard included
- Variety of mounting possibilities
- Compatible with Allin1DC, OAK and MPU11 systems. (not compatible with Acorn)
- Optional Custom Control Panel Overlays are made to order for specialty machine tools. call or email for details.

Available with built-in CNCPC or without CNCPC.
Available in "panel mount" configuration for mounting in existing console enclosure. (Panel Mount = made to bolt into an existing machine tool console space. Typically used on large machines with a preexisting CNC control so existing console hardware can be re purposed with new Centroid CNC operators console. )

Build your own console to machine mounting hardware or use any of Centroid various Arm and Console Floor Stand mounting options, click here for dimensional drawings

Download Centroid CNC console brochure click here..

Optional pre assembled "Console to Electrical cabinet cable in conduit" Standard size: 16' cables with 6' conduit.   $405 (part# 11028) add $28.50 for each foot additional conduit length.
Specify Cable/Conduit Length
Note: Optional MPG Shown in photo with Console  
Centroid Operator's Control Pendant, Mill, Lathe or Router versions
CNC Control Operator Control Panel
Operator's Control Pendant, Choose Cable Length

Choose Primary Machine Type
Same control panel that is on the M400/T400 CNC consoles but placed in a box with a cord.

Centroid CNC software allows operator machine control through a number of different methods.
This Operator's Control Pendant is for when hard buttons are preferred over touch screen controls. Useful on large and small machine tools alike when setting up parts, fixtures and tools, the pendant allows the operator to take the controls to where the work is. Steel case with magnets on the back and rubber handles, this control pendant uses the same operator control panel found in the M400/T400 CNC console.
The control panel can be removed from the pendant and flush mounted in your own console enclosure as well.

A lower cost ($0) alternative to this peice of hardware is the software based Touch Screen Virtual Machine Control Panel (VCP). The VCP allows the functionality of this Hardware based Operators Control Pendant when using a Touch Screen LCD as the CNC control display. The touch screen VCP is included with Centroid CNC control software CNC12 v4.12+ and can be used without or in conjunction with this hardware based Operator's Control Pendant.

PLCAdd1616 I/O expansion board. Add on additional Inputs and Outputs to the Allin1DC $445 (part #11025)
Add on inputs and outputs expansion board
- Add an additional 16 optically isolated inputs and 16 relay outputs to the Allin1DC
- Plug and Play, PLCAdd1616 to Oak communication cable included.
- Typically used to control an Automatic Tool Changer
- User definable inputs and outputs
- User configurable, commanded by the Allin1DC PLC program
- PLCAdd1616 user manual
Add4AD4DA expansion board. Add an additional analog to digital inputs and digital to analog outputs to the Oak $550 (part# 11141)
analog input and output expansion board  
  - Add additional 4 analog to digital inputs and 4 analog to digital
- Plug and Play, Add4AD4DA to Oak communication cable included
- Typically used for multiple spindle machines tools with individual VFD's for each
- User configurable, commanded by the Oak PLC program
- Add4AD4DA user manual
Encoder/Scale expansion board. Add 6 additional encoder ports to the Oak CNC controller. $395 (part# 13085)
Oak Encoder Scale Expansion board
- Add additional 6 Encoder or Scale ports to an Oak Board
- Plug and Play, Encoder Expansion board to Oak communication cable included
- Typically used for multiple MPG or Scale inputs.
- User configurable
- Encoder Expansion Board user manual
 Oak optional CNC software and hardware
Menu driven Probing Cycles with DP-4 Probe
Centroid Probing cycles are used to make part setup faster and more accurate with less work. Easily find centers or bores, corner of parts or vise in seconds with fantastic accuracy. If your shop is always tearing down and setting for different jobs Centroid Probing pays for itself in a very short time. Centroid's probing package includes the Centroid DP-4 probe, the Centroid menu driven probing cycles and Coordinate System Rotation. The Centroid menu driven probing cycles are as follows. Bore, Boss, Inside Corner, Outside Corner, Edge, Slot, Web, Single Axis.see the
Centroid Probing brochure

Menu driven Digitizing cycles with DP-4 Probe
Centroid Digitizing Cycles are commonly used to copy 2D or 3D shapes and contours of an existing part. Commonly used for reverse engineering the Centroid digitizing data can be exported to a cad cam system for further geometry manipulation or run as a G code program immediately.
see the Centroid Digitizing Brochure

Menu driven Automatic Tool Measurement with TT-1 probe
Set up your tools in a quarter of the time it would normally take! If you often machine short-run parts and are always setting up and tearing down for a new job, the TT-1 Auto tool set will save you tons of time while more accurately setting your tool height offsets. With the TT-1 you can create more parts per hour since the tool setup is so much faster. You'll even save time when you have to replace a dull tool with a new one in the middle of a job. The TT-1 is completely automatic. Press "measure" and the tool will automatically touch off the TT-1 and set the tool height offset in the tool library. Requires conductive tooling and spindle.
 Download TT-1 brochure click here.

Menu driven Automatic Tool Measurement with TT-2 probe
Operates exactly like the TT-1 but this design is mechanical in nature. The TT-2 works with all types of tooling and spindles. The non-conductive mechanical design is compatible with machines that have non-conductive ceramic spindle bearings and with all types of tools such as non-conductive diamond tooling.  Backward compatible with most CENTROID CNC controls that have a black probe plug (cnc7,cnc10 and cnc11 based systems).  Uses same cable and connectors as our DP-4 and DP-7 probes. There are three base mounting options: magnetic, screw down or tool holder. The Carbide surface is also replaceable and has a 4-48 thread. 
Download TT-2 brochure click here.
Centroid Probing Options
 Oak CNC Software Options

Unlimited G-code program size
Standard G-code program size for Oak CNC control system is 4Mb which is more than enough for most shops. However, if large complex 3D or 5-axis G-code programs are being run, they can exceed the 4Mb file size so that's where the Centroid Unlimited G-code program files size option come in

Rigid Tapping
CENTROID's advanced rigid tapping cycles are simple to program through G-code, Cad/Cam or Intercon. In Intercon, you get an extra cycle called Deep Hole Rigid Tapping, (see a video here) Deep Hole tapping taps a hole much in the same way as you would by hand. It backs out of the thread to clear the chips and then matches right back up with the new threads and continues the tapping. Another advantage of deep hole tapping is that it allows you to tap a much larger hole than the HP of your machine would normally allow. *requires a spindle encoder at 1:1 ratio and a VFD powering the spindle motor

BCD Tool Change output
Allows the command and control of a Automatic Tool Changer such as a Swing Arm or Umbrella Type Tool Changer.

Scale Feedback for servo motor positioning
Allows the use of precision glass scales for machine/servo motor positional feedback. Typically used on large high performance machine tools. (not to be confused with Scale Feedback for DRO position display of a manual axis which is included with base level Centroid CNC software)

C axis software
Allows the command and control of C axis functionality on a Lathe

Software Axis servo motor pairing with Auto Squaring capabiility
Software Axis pairing allows any two axis to be paired within Centroid CNC software and supports advanced homing, squaring and syncing feature set for axis pairing.

5+ axis simultaneous cnc software
Allows 5 axis, 6 axis simultaneous interpolated motion.
Note: 4 +1 (or any other combination not using 5+ simultaneous motion) is included in the Oak CNC software.
5+ axis is US Government controlled technology and any sale is governed by Department of Commerce regulations and requires export paper work.

Extended Multiple Work Coordinate Systems (WCS) G54 P1-P12)
G54-G59 is included, this option adds 12 more individual WCS positions for a total of 18.

Automatic 3D and 2D Digitizing Software
3D Gird digitizing, 3D Radial Digitizing, 2D contour digitizing, 2D Wall following,

Centroid CNC Software Options
Offline Intercon Conversational programming software, Mill and Lathe $99 (10730)
  CNC Conversational Programming Software  

Offline version of INTERCON conversational programming, for use with Windows desktop PC*, $99

- Program parts in the comfort of your office.
- Program while the machine is running a job.
- Easy part program transfer from your PC to the control via LAN or USB.
- True G-code backplot graphics, see exactly what the machine toolpath will be. 
- Use on the same PC as your CAD system. 
- A USB Keylock allows user to install software on as many computers as they want.
- Offline programming USB keylock is shipped the next business day.
- Works with Windows 7/8/10

- Download offline conversational programming software here, offline programming software runs without USB keylock but limited to 20 lines of Intercon. Plug in the USB keylock for unlimited conversational programming operation. Choose "Offline" during the installation process.


Emergency Stop Button with Contact Closures          
Industrial quality Estop Button with 2 contact closures: $45 #14534
  - Industrial quality reliable Emergency Stop Button with two switches.
- Two contact closures for two estop circuits
- Use just one contact closure or use both
- For use with the Acorn, Allin1dc and Oak CNC control boards.
- Thru Hole Panel Mount
MPG, Manual Pulse Generator, wired CNC MPG   Wired MPG $335 #11069
Choose MPG or MPG w/internal bulkhead cable
Choose Mill or Lathe

Use the Manual Pulse Generator to jog the machine tool, very useful for part and tool setups. Order with or without internal bulk head cable. If you have a factory built M400/T400 CNC control or if you ordered the CNC console conduit cable kit you do not need to buy the internal bulkhead cable. If you are building a DIY CNC control based on the Oak cnc controller you will need the internal bulkhead cable to connect this MPG to the Oak board.

- 100 pulses per rev
- Axis Selector for 6 axes
- Increment amount selector (user configurable in CNC10/11/12)
- For use with Allin1dc and Oak CNC control boards.
- High quality construction with gold plated connector pins
- Hook hanger mount and magnets on the back of the unit
- Pre configured for use with Centroid CNC10/11/12 control software
- Plug and Play with Oak/Allin1DC cnc controls running CNC11 or CNC12 software

Looking fro an MPG for an older CNC10 system? please email us your system serial number
CNC10 Kits numbers had 5 digits. (Note: if you have a 6 digit Kit number that is a CNC11/CNC12 system)
How to locate serial number.


DIY Self Service CNC Technical Support

  Purchase Professional CNC Technical Support   DIY CNC Controller kits,parts and accessories    
  CNC Community Support Forum
CNC Manuals and Schematics
CNC Software Downloads
CNC Technical Bulletins
CNC PC minimum Performance Requirements.
CNC Support VIdeo
Centroid Servo Motor Dimensions

Register your Centroid CNC control

On-site CNC control installation quote
On-site CNC training quote
Factory CNC remote support via "Team viewer" $90/hr

Factory CNC support via email or phone $90/hr.
Centroid CNC component repair
Centroid CNC replacement parts
Worldwide Centroid Tech Reps
Buy a Machine with a Centroid CNC Control

    Centroid CNC control board overview
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