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CENTROID KP-3 CNC Touch probe: Part, Vise and Fixture Probing: Automatically Set Zero points fast and accurate.
CNC Touch Probe   The CENTROID KP-3 CNC Touch probe is designed for Probing (part setup, zero location setup, and CMM type location and measurement of part geometry), component/fixture/work piece setup, inspection and 3D or 2D digitizing/surfacing. The KP-3 CNC Touch probe is made in USA with patented technology. Centroid has developed the KP-3 from its 30 years of probe building knowledge to achieve this affordable, accurate, robust design. Commonly used on Milling Machines, Machining centers, Routers and Turning centers. The KP-3 is a state of the art Kinematic touch probe and is compatible with most any CNC control that has an input for Probes. Acorn to KP-3 connection is a simple 4 wire hookup just follow the schematic. CNC software configuration is simple one button press with the pre configured preset for the KP-3 using the Acorn Setup Wizard. Also compatible with Mach3/4, WinCNC, LinuxCNC, Pathpilot and others.
  KP-3 Acorn kit part# 14946 $699
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Probe Stylus Size and Price sheet

We stock common sized probe styl compatible with the KP-3

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CNC Touch Probe KP-3     CNC Touch Probe for Oak and Alllin1DC  

KP-3 Acorn kit part# 14946
- KP-3 probe
- 2.5 mm x 40mm carbide stem, ruby tipped stylus
- Stylus wrench
- KP-3 to Acorn cable
- KP-3 Users Manual

- KP-3 to Acorn schematic

KP-3 Oak/Allin1DC kit part# 14944
- KP-3 probe
- 2.5 mm x 40mm carbide stem, ruby tipped stylus
- Stylus wrench
- KP-3 to to builkhead cable
- Bulkhead to Oak/Allin1DC cable
- KP-3 Users Manual

Acorn KP-3 kit un boxing video
  KP-3 Specifications    
  • Probing directions X+/-, Y+/-, Z-
  • Unidirectional repeatability (2 sigma) 0.00006” (1.5 micron)
  • Practical use results on a good milling machine .0005”
  • Probe deflection force (X,Y) 3 ounce minimum with 40mm stylus
  • Probe deflection force (Z) 15 ounce minimum
  • Probe body diameter and length D= 1.35” (34.3mm) L= 2.16” (54.9mm)
  • Mounting shank diameter and length D= 0.5” (12.7mm) L= 1.47” (37.3mm)
  • Stylus mount thread M3 thread
  • Power supply required none
  • LED status indicator red when triggered (powered by input 1ma)
  • Weight of probe and ½”shank 0.40 lb
  • Over travel limit angle (X,Y) +/- 12 degrees from vertical
  • Over travel limit (Z-) 0.25” (6.25mm)
  • Environmental IP64
  • Patented concentric alignment (spindle/tool holder/probe body run out adjustment)



Probe Stylus Size and Price sheet

We stock common sized probe styli. The KP-3, DP-4 and the DP-7 use the same styli thread mount, so these styli will fit all three probes.

click here to download the Probe Tip Size and Price sheet.

cnc touch probe styli

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