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Additive 3D Metal Laser Printing Hybrid CNC Machining Center.
Repair expensive parts by adding metal and then machine to tolerance automatically.
CNC Laser Deposition Welding and Milling in one machine tool.
Advanced CNC controls with user friendly interface for quick and efficient part repair and production.
3D print Metal additive cnc machining center
  • Repair or resurface expensive parts
  • 3 or 4 Axis CNC Machining Center
  • 3D Metal printing capability
  • Add Metal to existing parts
  • CNC Machine part then add metal
  • 3D print part and then CNC machine
  • 3D Laser Printer (DED) option
  • CAD/CAM, G-code or Conversational
  • Additive and Subtractive
    Conversational Programming
  • Made in USA CNC Control
  • Made in USA Laser Printing system
  • USA Support
  • Remote Factory Support via Internet
  • Windows Operating System
  • USB ports & Network Compatible
  • Touch Screen CNC console
  • Dedicated Operator Controls
  • Easy switch between Laser or Milling operations
  • Machine complete parts
  • Repair Mold and Die, Turbine Blades
  • Hard Coat parts, partial or compete
Laser Metal 3D printing
brochure download.
Industrias Viwa has developed new CNC machining center technology along with Centroid and Optomec to combine both traditional CNC Milling along with Additive Metal 3D printing capabilities into one complete CNC machine tool. The new machine dubbed the VCM740-M400 / 3DH was introduced and demonstrated at the 2016 IMTS show. Parts can be 3D printed from nothing or material can be added to existing hard to repair parts or expensive parts like turbine blades and mold and die components. The repair capabilities were demonstrated at IMTS using a damaged rack from a rack and pinion and a damaged screw compressor wheel. In both cases the damaged area was first machined away and then built back up with the laser welding head automatically. Once the repair areas were built back up they were then machined again to the original part specifications and tolerance. Conventional machining and laser deposition welding processes can be performed at any point along the part making or repair process and it is easy to simply switch between additive or subtractive machining. Centroid has even developed additive canned cycles within its popular Intercon Conversational programming software so the operator can use both the additive material CNC canned cycles (without any cad/cam knowledge or programming) right along with the conventional canned milling routines that the operator is familiar with. The machine produces repeatable results with good surface finishes. This hybrid two process CNC machine tool speeds up and reduces cost to repair expensive hard to repair parts as well as allows new parts to be created that otherwise would have been a difficult multi step processes. Ideal for repair operations in oil, gas, marine, aerospace power generation and many other industries and prototyping and production machining for any industry. Contact Scott Bennett for more information 814 353 9256 or request a quote online click here..
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