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Centroid Acorn CNC controller FAQ


1.) Can i buy one Pro Acorn CNC12 license and use it on several Acorn CNC control boards?

Answer: No, the Centroid Acorn Pro and Ultimate licenses are tied to the Acorn board serial number. When purchasing a Pro or Ultimate license the Acorn serial number is required and then a Pro or Ultimate license is created that matches the Acorn board serial. When the CNC12 software starts it checks the Pro or Ultimate license against the Acorn board that is connected to the CNCPC for a match. If it matches then that particular level (Pro or Ultimate) of CNC12 software is active. If it doesn't match then the CNC12 software runs at the "Free" level. (So Acorn CNC12 will run without any license installed)


2.) If I buy an Acorn Pro CNC12 license and then decide to upgrade to the Ultimate license how much does that cost?

Answer: The cost of the Pro license is credited towards the purchase of the Ultimate license. So effectively you get $99 off the Ultimate license if you already have the Pro license.


3.) Do I have to state at time of purchase what machine I plan on using the Acorn with?

Answer: No. Both the Mill and Lathe Free version of Acorn CNC12 control software is available for download so you can configure the Acorn controller for a wide variety of machine tools.. The hardware doens't care what kind of machine it connected to:-)


4.) If i bought an Acorn Mill Pro License can i use it with the Acorn Lathe Software?

Answer: No. The Acorn Pro License is Mill and Lathe specific. The is a Pro License for Mill and the is a Pro license for Lathe


5.) How big of a G-code program can i run with the Free version of CNC12 software?

Answer: 50Kb. To give you an idea of what can be done with the Free version of the Acorn CNC12 software: on our website is a part program for a SEM DC servo motor cover plate, below on the left is the plate being installed and on the right is the tool path that was used to make the cover plate. This G code program to make this part is 5Kb in size.

This is pretty typical of a home hobby shop type part. The G code file generated by a cad cam system or in this case Centroid's Intercon conversational programming software (with comments!) to make this part the G-code program is only 5kb in size. The Centroid FREE version of CNC12 has a file size limitation of 50KB so you could run a G code program 10 times this size with the Free version of CNC12. As you can see, you can do a lot even with the Free version of the Acorn CNC12 software.
Note: The $99 Centroid PRO version of CNC12 has a file size limitation of 4MB so you could run a file 800 times this size and the Ultimate License has Unlimited G-code program size (only limited by the size of the CNCPC hard drive space)
Here is a link to the 5kb Gcode program used to cut this SEM servo motor cover plate

6.) How long does it take to ship the Acorn CNC control kit?

Answer: Typically the Acorn CNC control kits are in stock ready to ship and ship within one business day from Howard, PA UPS GND.


7.) Do i have to have a paypal account to order a Acorn Kit?

Answer: No. Add items to the cart with the add to cart button and then select "Pay without a Paypal Account"


8.) Can I order an Acorn CNC control kit over the phone

Answer: Yes, M-F 8:30 to 4:30 EST orders are taken on the Centroid DIY CNC line at 814 353-9218


9.) Do you have a list of drives that Acorn works with?

Answer: The Acorn CNC controller commands many different types of servo and stepper motor drives with industry standard "Step and Direction" drive communication signals. The list of compatible drives is too long to list here, highlights are Yaskawa, Delta, Estun, Panasonic, DMM, Teknic Clearpath, Gecko, Leadshine, Teco to name a few. So, any drive that accetps Step and Direction is compatible with the Acorn CNC Controller.
(If you require Velocity Mode drive communication please consider our OAK CNC control board.)


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