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CNC Controls for Milling Machines, Lathes & Routers and other special applications
Do-It-Yourself professional grade CNC controls
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Where to Buy Centroid 5-axis CNC Performace Racing Machining Centers

James Machinery
Kings Park, NSW, Australia
CENTROID Performance Racing
All other areas
814-353-9256 x 101


Buy a Centroid Equipped Machine Tools

A & D Machinery Muskegon, MI, USA CNC Mills
AMR (Advanced Machinery Resources) Vancouver, WA, USA New CNC Mills, Lathes Retrofits
Atrump Pomona, CA, USA New CNC Mills & Lathes Atrump CNC Machines
Babin Machine Brockton, MA, USA New CNC Mills, Lathes &retrofits
Cleveland Machinery Cleveland, OH, USA New CNC Mills & Lathes
CNC Services
New Zealand
Auckland, NZ New and Retrofit Mills
and Lathes
C.P. Tools Inc. South El Monte, CA, USA New CNC Mills
D.E.M.I. France New CNC Mills and Lathes
East Coast EDM Maple Glen, PA, USA New CNC Mills & Lathes
Elrod Machines Flagstaff, AZ, USA New CNC Mills & Retrofits
EMI Electro-Mechanical Integrators) Telford, PA, USA New CNC Mills,Lathes
& Retrofits
Forest Scientific West Hickory, PA, USA New CNC Routers, Mills & Lathes
Grizzly Industrial WA,PA,MO New CNC Mills
Incredible Machine Bend, OR Micro Machining
Industrial Machinery Columbus, OH, USA New & Used Machine Tools
Machinery Consultants Salt Lake City, UT, USA CNC Mills,Lathe,Routers
Machines in Motion Chino Hills, CA, USA New CNC Mills & Retrofits
Machine Rebuilders New Derry, PA Rebuilds & Retrofits
Mars Enterprises Karachi, Pakistan CNC Mills & Lathes
MHO Compact Mill Concord, CA CNC Engraving MHO Engraving Machines
Remedy Machine Tool Maple Glen, PA
Florence, AL
New CNC Mills, Lathes
& Retrofits
Remedy Machines
RGS Performance Machinery Buffalo, NY CNC Bed Mills CNC TOOL ROOM MILL
Mori Seiki Retrofit Howard, PA, USA CNC Lathe Retrofits Mori Seiki Lathe
S & W Engineering Bend, OR, USA Small Precision CNC Mills
Vision Technology Troutman, NC New CNC Mills,Lathes, Welders& Retrofits
Worldwide Machine Tool Lewis Center, OH New CNC Mill, Lathes
& Retrofits
Viwa Industrias Mexico New CNC Mill, Lathes
& Retrofits

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