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  Sealed PC keyboard for tough shop environments
CENTROID's sealed keyboard for reliable operation.
  Designed for tough shop environments, the CENTROID fully sealed PC keyboard is coolant- and oil-proof. Long-lasting, reliable keyboard operation even in the most demanding shops. This keyboard has a distinct tactile feedback so you know when you have depressed a key. The full-size keyboard is laid out in the familiar PC "QWERTY" pattern and is equipped with function keys and a number pad. Designed specifically for M-400 and T-400 use, this new keyboard will also work with the M-39 and T-39 CNC controls.
Sealed keyboard shown installed on a T-400
  The CENTROID sealed keyboard slips right into the keyboard slot on a new T-400 and M-400 CNC control and is held in place with 4 supplied screws. The angle of the new console design makes entering information into the control much easier and more similar to a familiar desktop computer. The screen is placed just right to reduce glare and the keyboard is angled for easy typing. The new keyboard design is much more operator-friendly than a vertically mounted keyboard.
Sealed keyboard shown installed on a M-39
  The sealed keyboard and can be used with a M-39 and T-39 CNC control as well. Since the new keyboard uses a standard PS2 keyboard connector, it will work with any modern PC.
Sealed keyboard shown installed on a M-400
  As you can see from this photo, the typing position is very comfortable. Programming parts right at the control has never been faster and easier. Additional X,Y an Z buttons have been added right next to the number pad for your convenience. A full row of function keys at the top of the keyboard make control menu navigation quick and simple. This particular M-400 is installed on a "floor mount". The M-400 can also be hung from a "boom" mount as well.
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