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CNC Controls for Milling Machines, Lathes & Routers and other special applications
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Centroid CNC Touch Screen Operators Control Panel, Currently available only with Acorn CNC controller
Touch Screen CNC software   Centroid's Touch Screen CNC operator control panel puts all the Machine tool controls right at the operators finger tips. Perfect for Mills, Lathes, Routers and other specialty machine the Centroid Touch Screen CNC operator control panel is user configurable and easily customized to meet the requirements for each individual CNC machine tool. Currently only available for use with the Acorn CNC controller.

  • Axis Jog buttons with dedicated buttons for each axis and direction
  • Fast, Slow, Incremental x1,x10,x100 movement controls
  • Spindle control, Auto / Manual CW/CCW with override
  • Feedrate Override
  • Reset Button
  • One button push for common machine tool functions
  • Tool Check, Feed Hold, Cycle Start, Single Block.
  • Customize with Tool index +/-, Clamp/Unclamp, Vac on/off, & more.
  • Extra auxiliary buttons are programmable for special applications.
  • Indicator lights show the selection made.
  • Stop and restart the job at any point.
  • Stop, make any adjustments, and restart right where you left off.
  • Individual Rapid Override, Feedrate Override control or combined
  • On-the-fly override control of feedrate and spindle speed
  • Tool Check allows easy program interruption and restart
  • 12 User/Installer programmable auxiliary keys can be used for any custom machine tool function , choose from available built in labels..
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