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CENTROID Bridgeport Boss CNC Retrofit kit installs in 12 hours!
12 hours later, new CNC control and making parts!
Boss 5 before retrofit...
They just don't make a knee mill as stout and accurate as these old Bridgeport Boss machines. Centroid has developed a special control just for these classic Bridgeports. A Centroid CNC will turn your Boss back into a money making machine. The Bridgeport R2E3 frame is very accurate and rigid.

The old original NC controls on these Boss machines are obsolete, troublesome and never realized the full potential of this great machine. Time for a Centroid upgrade! For just a few dollars a day you'll be making parts you thought you never could.

No one has more experience retrofitting Bridgeport NC machines than us! We are the Boss retrofit authority.

In addition to all the great CNC features that you get with the CENTROID, After the retrofit, your machine will be faster, more accurate, quieter and will take up less floor space. This machine was retrofitted in 12 hrs including removing the old control. With a CENTROID retrofit, you will be up and cutting parts, making money in a matter of days. We get the job done fast because our CNC controls, unlike most others, are completely factory assembled ready to install. Scroll down to see a slide show of the retrofit process on a Boss 5 knee mill.
Y axis motor before New CENTROID Y axis motor bolts up!
The new direct bolt up CENTROID servo motors are more powerful and much more accurate than the old Boss axis motors. It just takes a few minutes to unbolt the old motor and install the new CENTROID digital DC servo motor in its place. All mounting hardware, belts and pulleys are retained. The new motors are also quieter and run much cooler than the old motors.
Bridgeport V2XT with DX-32 control CNC Retrofit Upgrade using many stock components and Centroid M39 CNC control. The M-39 is modern Windows 7 (or 8) CNC controls which brings this machine back to life.


In the case of the DC servo motor based Boss 8 -12 machines and the V2XT (and any other servo based cnc) Savings are gain by reusing the stock servo motors. Only an encoder upgrade is required. This saves time and money during the upgrade. The original Bridgeport electrical cabinet was also reused along with the stock operators console was adapted to the new Centroid operators pendant and display. New Centroid All-in-One-DC CNC control board, CNC PC and power supplies were installed. Reusing the stock Transformers for DC servo power and cabinet disconnect and fuses. A spindle motor inverter was added for programmable spindle control. This retrofit upgrade was performed by Terry Ruppe, Arrow Controls, Houston, TX.


Bridgeport Boss retrofit upgrade control kits Price
M-39S DC w/keyboard control $10,372
M-39S DC w/ remote control pendant $11,117
M-400S DC $13,101

*Please note these are complete running control systems ready to bolt on!
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